Get Better Results From Your Creative Design Agency

Having trouble getting the best design from your creative agency? Here are some tips to getting better results from your design firm. 

What do you want?


Your first step is to improve your communications. After all this is the group that is putting your graphic designs into action. Start by being direct about your goals. 

    •    Are you ready for your marketing and branding to be adapted to fit your market?

    •    Do you want your graphics geared at a particular marketing campaign, such as for the                     holidays?

    •    Are you searching for your main brand at this stage? 

    •    Is your current goal to redesign your brand and image?

Whatever your intentions with your current design project, you have to be open about these when dealing with your creative agency. 

Speak Up


Be respectful, honest and direct. As part of this directive approach, it is up to you to speak up when you have a question or concern. Without an open exchange of ideas you are most likely to come away from the creative design experience feeling unsatisfied and unheard. You may be weary of working with an agency in the future, which would be a major bust for your business.

Critiques and commentary

Part of the creative process involves critiques and commentary. Your creative agency should be an expert in the branding business. They have the experience and know-how that can help you hone your brand image. Without the open-ended discussions and constant collaboration with your designers, you are missing out on an important opportunity.

Use these tips as a guide for your next conversation with your graphic design or creative agency. With better communication, more respect, and honest feedback, your designer will be able to create better designs to support your brand marketing image.