Branded Infographics

Infographics can be great tools for driving quality traffic to your site and can position you as the expert in your industry. And it starts with the basics.

Branding & Your Audience

Figure out what your audience wants and needs while keeping it related to your brand’s mission, values, products and services. Kissmetrics recommends avoiding generality and creating an infographic idea that is specifically relevant to your targeted audience. This approach will help establish your company as an authority on the subject.

Keep It Simple

Create a killer headline, and don’t make the infographic a potpourri of facts and figures. Stick with a single topic, make it focused and streamline the content. The whole purpose of an infographic is to drive a single, focused point. Give your brand a voice while keeping it simple.


Typography is a crucial component of a great infographic design, but selecting fonts and combining them is a real art. With its endless options, typography is another galaxy waiting to be explored. At the same time, there are some deadly sins to avoid and commandments to follow.

Here are a few of those commandments as listed by

"Make sure to learn your font families. Combine a Sans-Serif font with a Serif font. Combining two similar fonts is not cool, so go for contrast. Opt for only three fonts maximum, and use fonts that reflect the same mood and era. Lastly, use different weights of fonts in the same family. Follow this Holy Grail, and you’ll do just fine with fonts."

To sum up, infographics can be a great asset to your content strategy by driving quality traffic, building relationships with your target audience and positioning you as the expert….when you do it right!

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