Common Mistakes of User Interface/Web Design


The user interface is the first impression we get when visiting a new website. Unfortunately, many websites never make it to the second impression because we see something we don't like and quickly go somewhere else. There are several things that are extremely unfriendly to users that happen all too frequently, including unfriendly design, bad scalability and more.



A UI that is not intuitive might as well be a giant sign that says "do not use me". Many websites get so into adding as much content as possible, but will completely neglect making it easy to access it. A good UI will allow a user to find exactly what they want. Of course every designer wants to implement their unique vision of what they want their website to look like, but conventions exist for a reason. We wouldn't put a padlock on a novel without a key because its "artistic" and expect them to read it. Links should be easy to find and menus should make sense. Most people expect menus to be at the top of the page. They expect a search function to be visible on the home page. They want a page with contact information. It is okay to be creative, but a website should meet the expectations of the user base first and not just the whims of the designer.




The beauty of the internet and websites in particular is that nothing is permanent. Information can be added, subtracted and modified. That fluidity should be built into every website. However, some designers fall into the trap of creating a webpage that can not be scaled to fit more information. They create static designs and then have to throw the whole thing out as new web design methods are developed or the company has new information they want to share. While it is reasonable to eventually do a complete redesign, it should not have to happen every year because of an inflexible creation. This is a waste of resources, both financially and time.



Some website suffer from a lack of focus because they aren't aimed at anyone in particular. If we are a website for retirement communities, for example, we should aim for a design that is focused around the needs of senior citizens: larger fonts, less menu complexity, etc. It is super important to design a page with an audience in mind, or it comes off as generic and reaches no one at all.

Here at Silen6 understand that the internet is an ever evolving space where functionality and usability are paramount to user experience. If you have any questions, or want a consultation, proposal or even a whole new website, contact us today. We want to help you achieve the goals you set out for with your website.