Specialty Printing Techniques Add Excitement To Paper

Choosing the right paper can be fun or stressful. But adding pizzazz is always fun! From brochures to letterhead, every type of printed material geared at marketing and branding your business should be consistent.

However, from time to time, marketing goals will require some extra oomph and a little pizzazz.

Here are some special details that can bring a basic sheet of paper out of its plain white wrappings:


This technique adds luxury and depth to paper through its iridescence and shimmer or a shiny or metallic appearance.

Uncoated Paper

This is a popular choice for cover weight as it is lighter to mail for direct mail projects.

Plastic is in.

Rather than wood-based paper, plastic creates a more modern and even futuristic feel to printing products. It is not going to rip, and it will last as long as your business, which will be forever — you hope. A business card on plastic is a top pick.

Cotton paper

Luxury. It is true in sheets and it’s true in paper. It’s especially great for special invitiations. However, it’s best paired with letterpress printing.


It’s not the cheapest, but it IS a sure-fire way for a marketing campaign to stand out from the competition. A business card printed on metal is a prime candidate for marketing materials that won’t be lost in the shuffle.

We’ve expanded beyond traditional paper into plastics and metals - all options that will capture the attention of your market in this crowded world. Look into the possibilities beyond what you know. And have fun!