Understanding a Paper’s Purpose

Paper is the foundation of any print project. And every printing project has a purpose, depending upon if you are printing stationery or going a direct mail route.

You must understand your print purpose before choosing a paper. Creative Pro points out that you need to inform your printing professional about your project early on. The type of paper for your project can most definitely impact your timeline to complete the project. By getting your printing project quote as soon as possible, your printer will be able to secure the correct paper stock in time to keep you on track.


So how do you know which paper to choose? Start with its purpose for your marketing and branding campaigns.

When choosing stationery, look for a type of paper that comes with a wide line of text weights, or thickness, of the paper. The more freedom you have to play with the weight of the paper, while keeping the same color, texture and overall feel, the better off your business brand will be.

For branding purposes, you want a consistent paper type. Along these lines, look for matching envelopes that will keep with the consistent theme, no matter if you are mailing flyers via direct mail or handing personal letters to private clients.


While understanding your paper’s purpose is important, do not let this part of the process delay your printing needs. Also note, there are other factors that can impact your choice of paper, like specialty printing techniques and your budget. But starting with clarity on your paper’s purpose will lead to an easier set of choices along the way.