Print Project Myth Busters - How To Save Money On Print

Print Project MYTH: Printing is so expensive!

Print Project TRUTH #1: Printing can break the bank.

Print Project TRUTH #2: A few simple steps can save tons of money.

Print Project TRUTH #3: Affordable printing is real.


Printing can be affordable. And in today’s age, it is a necessary marketing tactic to stand out in the crowd amongst the masses of digital communication. Here are a few simple tips to help stay in control of your print project budget so it doesn’t break the bank!

However, keep in mind that, during your project analysis, the price point should always be at the forefront. You don’t want to cut corners by choosing a lesser quality paper or finish. And, yes, there are ways to make selecting paper a more economical decision:

  • Plan to spend 30 percent of your project budget on the paper. Knowing this ahead of time can help you establish the best paper source for your wallet.

  • If you want to go with a short run, and you are interested in paper ordered from the mill, you are likely to lose money, that is, if the order will be filled at all. Choose a standard paper that is on hand for smaller projects to avoid having to purchase more product than you want.

  • Look through several sample books to get a strong idea of what type of paper you want for your project so you aren’t wasting money, and time, on reruns and reprints.

Follow these simple 3 steps to manage your budget and maintain some peace of mind during your next marketing print project.