Typography Tips & Tricks

Tricks of the Typography Trade

Now let’s look at the more specialized elements of typography that are often used when printing brand materials for marketing projects. The rag refers to the vertical side line of a block of text. The rag can look too raggy or jagged, and this can create discord for the reader of the text. You can alter the rag by changing the alignment, margin size or type size. However, you can’t do anything about a jagged rag if you overlook this area prior to production.

Hyphens were once an important part of typography because they allowed the writer to end lines more cleanly. This would prevent the rag problem. However, with the use of webpages most designers overlook hyphenation because web browsers do not follow suit with hyphenation. Most of the time, the browser won’t even acknowledge the hyphenation, so it’s useless to use. At the same time, if you are printing materials for a conference, in-house ad campaign or other hands-on items, then you want to use hyphens to your advantage.

Other aspects that affect the rag are orphans and widows. Sounds morbid, but these two aspects of typography are easy to remedy. An orphan is a single word at the top of a new column. A widow is a lonesome word at the end of a column. Both of these types of text are no-goes as they distract the eye from the overall feel of the text. In rare instances, a widow or an orphan can add a certain shock value that can boost your business. However, it is a good idea to speak with a professional before using these special effects on your projects.

Why Care About Typography

Typography offers more than just the look of text. This is an art form that helps create an overall feel, voice, style, image and message. More specifically good typography keeps people interested and reading, which is key to getting your marketing message across. When you are working with branding, typography can be the turning point at which your messages turn into a brand. Harness the power of typography by including this fine art into your next printing projects.