Marketing Your Brand

So you’ve created an amazing brand kit and style guide. Now what?

Your brand, which centers on a logo design, allows you to generate a centralized image for marketing purposes. Every time a consumer sees your brand, ideally they will connect the idea and concept of your business to your brand.

A good brand builds loyalty. Do you want your customers to be shopping around or do you want to be their go-to expert?

Building your brand’s equity allows your business to do a few key things in marketing. For starters, it helps your business to stand out online. Your brand image becomes part of searchable content and your social presence. Each time a consumer views your logo they know what to expect, whether in terms of service or product. It helps them to make a faster decision regarding whether or not they will click or view what you are currently offering via online marketing.

Your brand should be showcased in all of your marketing material - online and offline.

Print media holds an important place in your brand. In terms of printed collateral, having them on hand says a ton about your organization and the importance of your brand. Types of printed materials include but are not limited to:

  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Company uniforms and promotional T-shirts
  • Signs
  • Promotional swag, such as water bottles or ink pens

However, to make the most of your printed collateral you have to address these three key points.

  1. What needs to be presented via your brand?
  2. How can you make your message memorable? Without staying power in your consumers’ minds your printed message is bound to remain unremarkable.
  3. Does your printed brand blow people away? You have about three seconds to stand out in this day and age when everything is coming at consumers full speed.
“[Your brand] has to be memorable. Your brand is the focus of all your marketing efforts (yes, it needs to say something about your company, connect with your target market, and be motivating in some way and always create loyalty).”

Make sure that you're on-purpose with your marketing and it accurately reflects your brand in the look, feel and message. Always. If you have any questions about how your company/brand can do more to stand out in this ever expanding world of visual marketing, feel free to reach out to us.