Consistency in Your Graphic Design and Brand

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a good idea to keep your logos, fonts, imagery and color consistent across any media. Everything mentioned in previous posts on design and branding needs to be “echoed” across other design ideas. Inconsistency is one of the leading brand and graphic design issues businesses face.

It's critical not to disorient your market by repeatedly altering your logo. Your consumers have good memories, and they will remember your design changes over the years. In a best-case scenario, they’ll be confused. At worst: They’ll think your company is failing to manage consistency and organization. A firm brand identity is consistent. It’s unwavering and memorable.

A consistent, unwavering brand is strong, but an adaptable brand will stand the tests of time.  Your brand will require regular updates and tweaks. Be prepared to visit your brand style guide at least once per year, and make sure your brand is up to par.

If you’re strategic, motivated and creative, you can redefine your brand completely. That said, you shouldn’t mess around with fonts, pictures and color psychology on your own. This should not be considered a do-it-yourself project. Seek professional help and invest in a branding expert.

Be sure to use a pre-defined family of images and strike out any mixed themes promoting your photography incorrectly. If you're in doubt you can check your promotional imagery against stock photography websites. By matching them by photographer name, model and general attributes, you can quickly root out any unnecessary, overused brand choices.

In any case, take care of your brand’s image. Brush up on your styling options. If you take care of your brand, your brand will take care of you.