Branding: A Step by Step Guide


Branding is a crucial step to differentiate yourself from competitors in the market. It goes far beyond a style guide or a logo. At every touchpoint, your customer's experience will be swayed by your brand identity. It will affect how your customers see your reliability and relevance in the industry. Your brand identity encapsulates how your customers feel about your brand and what it says when it speaks to them. It is important to follow the right steps and get it right.


This is the most strenuous stage and takes up plenty of strength and manpower. But it is paramount to the success of the visual image of the brand that every necessary information is studied. In the research, what the customers want to engage with is studied as well as an analysis of the competition.


All the useful information gathered from the first stage is translated into visual concepts. All information at this stage will usually be in an emotional language and needs to be translated to something visual for better understanding. Because it is a creative process, the team has to be left to work at its best and be trusted to produce the best results.


Initial Proofs

This is the stage where the logo begins to come alive. No colors are involved and a lot of free sketches and pencil work is in the mix. The core imagery has to be strong enough to mean something without the use of colors and this stage produces the best options for that.

Color Trials

This is the stage for color exploration and since emotions are involved, the choice of colors has to be on point. The perfect color pallet will provide with multiple choices and flexibility. Typography has to be selected and should not follow the trend but the shape of the logo. The iconography should depend on the applications of the work.

Media Kit

This will contain different cohesive presentations in which the brand logo can be used. Order of content needs to be orderly, parameters for the design of charts and graphs, guidance on filters and treatments for photography and how the logo should be used appropriately will be detailed in the examples available.

Style Guide

A well-designed brand identity needs to be used correctly and a well-crafted style guide will help ensure this. Simple guidelines, practical details, examples and ample information about the brand identity is provided so it is replicated correctly in different situations.