Sketching In Branding

Sketching comes after some research has been done. There is a lot of information from the internal survey, competitive analysis, customer feedback and more. This is plenty of information to shift through.

After carefully analyzing this text-based data, it has to be interpreted to visual concepts. It may seem that looking at the available data will lead to a direct visual representation but artistic inspiration does not come in a eureka moment. Ideas grow and change in one's subconscious before the breakthrough finally comes through and this is the process of sketching.

How does it work?

The goals, values, and personality of the brand are represented in a text-based information in the form of an emotional language. Creative minds will work diligently to decipher how to present those emotions in an enhanced and well-communicated way. They will brainstorm on word clouds to bring words to life. Different elements that bring out the most powerful emotional responses are selected. This is a visual playground with components that prompt extra imagery and bring words to life.

Why is it important?

Original content is critical for a brand to stand out and getting it right at this stage is like striking gold. This stage for generating ideas for the visual and interactive content for the audience will ensure a good impact. The entire sketching process is a creative one and no idea is guaranteed to be permanent. The team needs the space to freely work and bring out the best from this process.