Color Trials In Branding

After getting the core image to perfection the next step is to bring in some color. Color choice does not only brighten up the look but emotions are attached to color. This means you cannot just choose them at random, getting the right color or colors to go with the right images is an art. This stage is also a good opportunity to differentiate the brand and set it apart from competitors making it unique and relevant.

The best color palette

The best color palette to work with is one that is flexible enough to provide the designers with a variety of choices but not too many options to be overwhelming. You will choose the right primary colors, accent and complementary colors for your color pallet and remember to consider the emotions tied to theses colors and what it means for the brand.



Choosing colors for the icons and keys of the brand is also important. Good iconography has to do with the kind of industry, service or product the brand is involved in, innovative visual language and medium it will be used. The shapes, colors, and construction of each icon will be used throughout all scenarios to properly represent the brand. They are not just good looking doodles but will speak of the goals and consistency of the brand.



Because every element of building the brand is important, typography should be carefully considered. The font family to be used for the brand should be limited and typography should be selected according to the shape of the logo.