First Round Of Logos In Branding

After all the research and brainstorming, this stage is where the work gets fun. It's all back to old school logo creation here as there is no sophisticated equipment or grandeur involved. Free sketching with simple pencil and paper is the order of things in the first round of logos or initial proofs stage. It is when we play with ideas about harmonizing imagery, core shapes and logo marks all in black and white.


Sketching short briefs

All the work done before now is not useless but leading up to this stage. The first step here is to envisage solutions to the final aim using already gathered information as a guide. With the freedom of unfiltered ideas and the use of brief sketches, ideas are explored for the logo. It is time for exploration and there is no need to get attached to a particular idea or sketch now. These sketches are very primitive and can be misleading if shared with the client so it is best to go through this without sharing.


Rough sketching

The short briefs will be examined in comparison with the information at hand and final goal. The most promising ideas will be given more attention and the process is repeated with a little more detail. Ideas are added and the sketches developed further, after a while they are compared to the ideal goal and only the best ideas move forward. This idea is repeated without color to ensure the core image of the logo is powerful enough to send a message without the use of color.