Media Kit In Branding


Because the logo has been well designed with the right colors and fonts does not mean it can be used in just any way. The logo can only work well within certain size constraints, mediums, formatting scenarios and color spaces. Using them in an unspecified manner will cause weakness in visual communication. The customer should have the best experience when being introduced to your brand. This is why the media kit contains varieties of properly formatted scenarios in which you can use your logo to ensure a cohesive and consistent presentation of your brand.


Grading and layout

The media kit will have information that clearly specifies the correct order content should be arranged in different scenarios. This includes headings and subheadings, the copy of the body, images, short descriptions and the likes.

Visualization of data elements

This information will detail how data will be displayed and how graphs and charts will be outlined.


Graphics and photography

In the area of graphics and photography of the brand or related to the brand like the logo, it is important to clearly state how they should be used, under in what time they should be used and where they should be used. How these images should be treated and what filters can and cannot be used on them will also be specified.

Suitable use of logo

For the logo to be properly used for consistency and cohesion, some guidelines are required. These guidelines will contain regulations, with examples, of how the logo can be modified to fit different scenarios.