Style Guide In Branding

Now that everything is in order including the right way to present the brand and its elements, it is time to properly construct a style guide that will ensure the brand identity is being used correctly.

The style guide is that holistic composition of standards that will explain the brand identity of a company and it mentions tone, grammar, word usage, logo usage, the point of view, visuals, colors and other things. It provides for polished, consistent, identifiable and nicely published content that customers can personalize and easily connect with.


What to include

The entire style guide should not be bulky but 4 or 5 pages long for very detailed information. Everything the brand encapsulates from the research to the creative and representative phase will be covered in this section.

  • Writing segment: the way a brand says what it says is a big part of its image. The style of writing will be specified along with details on formatting and the tone of voice to be adopted.

  • Visual segment: visual representation is as important to a brand's identity as written content. Style guide on visual aspect should include formatting to be adopted, versions of the logo, fonts for different parts and its uses, details of colors and their functions as well as the format for presentation.

These guidelines will include detailed examples and cases in which instructions are to be used for clarity. As much information as is needed to successfully reproduce the identity of the brand will be represented along with hands-on details.