Why Small Businesses Should Make Graphic Design a Priority


In the career of graphic designing, it is no news that a lot of people seem to shy away from the costs of design work. For example, a small business owner would realize along the way that he needs some help with branding and design. Admitting he cannot achieve the task on his own with his little expertise and time, he reaches out to a graphic designer for a quote. This small business owner would be reluctant to move on with the job on hearing the rates and probably never call back again.


Small businesses typically underrate the value of professional design work, and that side of the budget is most likely the first to suffer and the first one out the door when difficulties come. Only a handful of small businesses would retain the services of a graphic designer. This is good for graphic designers in terms of freelancing but also means they are low on the priority list for small businesses.

Small businesses would always appreciate good looking designs and a killer logo but since they run on limited resources, paying for professional designs is not usually their first choice. The multi talented marketing assistant in that business would end up handling such an important task with little to no experience and an untapped set of Do-It-Yourself skills.


From our initial example, one notable fact is small business owners feel they can achieve the design task if they had some more time to handle it. Another is the aversion for professional prices. During the next few weeks Silen6 will be exploring the reasons why it is so important for small business to put branding design at the top of their priority list, and why paying the price is worth it in the long run.