Infographics that go viral

Let’s be real: most infographics and content online will be seen by your market but won’t change the world. However, if you want a chance at the viral gold, here are some required yet simple steps you should take:

Social Media

Once you’ve created a great infographic, be sure to promote and share it. Go ahead and distribute it on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Slideshare.


Get in touch with bloggers who have a community that relates to your target audience. Turn to online publications to distribute your awesome infographic.


Remember, no online content is worth a second glance if it is not valuable to the target market. Value comes in the magical combination of good information, relevance to your market & their friends and family, and entertainment. When we see something that we can relate to and it is enjoyable to watch/read/consume, we have an increased likelihood that we will share it.