Branding is more than just a logo, it’s the visual communication of who you are as a business, what you stand for, and how your company interacts with its customers and employees. Visual branding from Silen6 includes several versions of the logo (formatted for intended usage), any extended iconography, brand-approved color palettes, defined fonts, and acceptable usage guidelines.

We like a good, solid brand to be the first step of our graphic design and brand management services.

Appeal to your market.

The brand’s colors, layout, fonts, and mood will draw in the ideal target market based on demographics’ preferences. We research your market and find out what makes them feel safe, comfortable, confident, and in the mood to buy from you.

Be part of the process. 

At Silen6, we want you to truly love your branding. We encourage our clients to mull their logo options over, doodle on them, imagine the elements recombined, and run it by a few people. 

don't hold back.

We appreciate a tell-it-like-it-is method. Our goal is to provide a branding package that excites you and your potential customers.



After our initial branding consultation, we do custom research for every client. We want to be sure that we are targeting the right customers for your company. Mood boards can be shared with the client, if requested.



This is where we get creative. All the ideas come out on paper. We don’t share this phase with our clients because the creative process can be misleading at this rough stage. Rest assured, our crazy doodles will translate into cohesive, beautiful designs.


Initial Proofs

The first round of logos that you see will be one color - black. We want to make sure that the logos we put into the world can hold up in any setting. A logo shouldn’t rely exclusively on color to get the message across. In this round, you’ll get around 3-5 logotypes. We want you to pick it apart and find any flaws. 



Once the logotype mark is really nailed down in its layout, we can apply some color palettes. A good, versatile logo will be 1-3 colors, to avoid being overwhelming/disjointed. Primary (the logo itself) and secondary (how the logo should be treated in extended branding situations) color palettes will be determined in this phase.


The logos will be set up to work in a variety of mediums, colorspaces, size constraints, and specific formatting scenarios. This media kit will contain up to 25 files (formatted correctly for a variety of media - web, print, spot printing, etc), all labelled for their intended use.


Your branding bible. This book protects your identity from being used incorrectly (smashed, stretched, etc) and provides a good legal footing for owning your mark.