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To all of our clients,

We're very excited to inform you that we have moved. This move will help us to serve you better in the long run, as we become more focused on meeting our client needs in an effective and timely manner. 


We are fortunate to work with such a great team of designers and developers.  Our business has grown from a small startup to a thriving business with a growing clientele. Through it all, we've learned what our strengths are and how to best serve you and your business' needs. We've watched your businesses grow and prosper with our help, and feel fortunate to have played a part in that.

As we grow as a company, it's our wish that we continue offering the most current and relevant service to you. We know that one of the reasons our customers experience such amazing results is our unmatched level of service, knowledge, and dedication.

What Might Change?

The only thing constant in business is change, and our move has necessitated a few changes. We have now moved our office headquarters away from the great state of Utah to our new location in Colorado. This might seem like a large change, but because we do so much of our work online, the changes will seem minor. We can still schedule face-to-face meetings online or even fly in to meet with you if needed.

Focusing on Strengths

We are playing to our strengths and focusing on the services that we do best. These include brand development, brand management, graphic design, website design, and print management for brand managed companies. We are beginning to limit other areas of service that we feel do not work best with our company's vision and core skill set. These include print brokering for print-only customers, social media strategy and management, and small business design support.

New Location

Silen6 is now located in Littleton, Colorado. We have a new office here, with a temporary space until we find a more permanent location. We work remotely, so we don't anticipate that this relocation will cause any problems to workflow.


Cami Thurber
Founder & Creative Lead