For the love of design

Silen6 is a full-service design agency. We specialize in visual branding & logo design, print design & brokering, web design & development, and social media marketing. 

Our focus is connecting our clients to their ideal customers in a consistent, professional, and intentional way. 

At Silen6, we take your business as seriously as you do. We take pride in your image, we want to protect it and expand it. We want to help you grow and celebrate with you as you succeed. Think of Silen6 as your quiet partner, encouraging your business development while supporting your company culture and providing stunning imagery.


We take a concept or broad overview and to create a beautiful, functional, branded piece that is unique and will fit the task at hand. 


We know how things should be done. Commercial creativity requires a basis of functionality and bridges the gap between expression and accuracy.


We like to gather a comprehensive understanding of the project. It’s about being practical, direct and reasonable so everyone understands the parameters and the possibilities.


We've been at it for a while. Because we have years of experience, we can anticipate a client’s needs and make insightful suggestions to make your project really shine.